Welcome to the #thisisfuturelove Show! Join us and don’t forget: this is for us, because we are the people. Enjoy!

Hi everybody! My name is Futurelove Sibanda and I am an artist and entertainer from Zimbabwe.

I am into music, I sing, I write my own songs. I dance, I act, I do kind of everything that I can do.

I recently opened up a channel called #thisisfuturelove. I concentrate on bringing back humanity, which I think we are loosing so fast. I want to make people one again, I want to make people smile again. I want to make people realize how great, how much positivity they have in themselves.

So, I am asking you to follow me on this journey as we make the world better again.


And remember: this is for us, because we are the people.

Being single is awesome

I just wanted to remind you today how awesome it is to be single, how awesome it is to be yourself. Don’t get me wrong: when I say single I mean the alone-time.

Do you know how much you react when you are alone?

All I am saying is: take that 15 minute walk alone. Go for shopping alone. See how react to different situations when you are alone.

And when you are alone, this is when you learn to know yourself. And when you know yourself better, this is the moment when you can share yourself better to other people.

Find out who you really are. Surprise yourself. And when you do that, you  will love yourself. And then you can share your love with the world.

Reconnect with your childhood

My challenge to you today is to reconnect yourself to your childhood. Remember when you was a child and you made decisions without any fear of failure. Without the fear of judgement.

The world was just so beautiful. My challenge to you: take 15 minutes or 10 minutes a day and think of how you would make decisions as a child and see the world again with children eyes.

Fly with me

You don’t have to tell me twice, baby

Yeah I know you you think I’m fine, baby

Come on honey would you dine with me

Take you everywhere, just fly with me

How are you?

Another beautiful blessed day to you all, I wanna say: Hi, how are you?

Now, that question “Hi, how are you?”, how real is it when you talk to somebody, do you really mean it or are you passing by to kill time? Do you really want to know how somebody is feeling? Do you really understand the meaning of that question?

Because, I think, we are used to that simple answer like: Yeah, I’m alright, I’m ok, I’m fine, I’m doing well, I could be better. But if we start talking and sharing, I think we could be a better person.

So, next time when you ask that question: Hi, how are you?, think about. What do you really mean? Know that people just go around after that and start their feelings and emotions and sharing them on Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s talk, face to face, when you asked me: How are you and I tell you how I really am. Let’s sit down for coffee and get that life, the humans that we are going on.