As a singer, dancer, and percussionist from Zimbabwe, my journey across the world has been a tapestry of experiences, blending the vibrant rhythms of my homeland with the diverse melodies of the globe. Each performance, each audience, each culture has imparted valuable lessons, shaping not just my art but my view of life itself.

Futurelove Sibanda

These are not just whimsical notes, but ten hard rules of life, each a lesson etched into the soul of an artist. As I share these with you, picture a journey rich in contrasts and revelations, a voyage that delves into the core truths of existence, each rule a stroke on the canvas of life’s grand design.

The Universal Melody of Change

Vienna’s streets, where history and modernity intertwine, showed me how change is the essence of life’s music. Each twist in our journey is like a change in melody, unexpected but beautiful. It’s not about resisting the change, but rather learning to harmonize with it. Change keeps the music of life vibrant and exciting.

Harmony Between Effort and Fate

Imagine a stage, lights dimming, heart racing. The hours of practice matter, but so does the spontaneous cheer from the crowd. That night in Vienna? It was a dance of preparation and chance, teaching me that life’s most memorable moments often come from this delicate balance between our efforts and the unexpected.

Life’s Asymmetrical Rhythm

In Zimbabwe, the rhythms are complex, unpredictable. Life mimics this. It’s not a steady beat but a mixture of rhythms and tempos. This diversity, with its unexpected turns, challenges us to adapt and grow. It’s the irregular beats that often make the dance of life most interesting.

Diverse Tunes, Diverse Audience

A melody that moves one heart might not stir another. This is the beauty of diversity in art and life. Each performance, each interaction, is a chance to reach someone new, to resonate in ways we might not have imagined. It’s about celebrating the unique connections we make through our individual expressions.

Mistakes: The Improvisations of Life

Once, a wrong note on stage as Team Bulawayo led me down an unplanned musical path. This improvisation became a highlight. Life’s errors can be similar – gateways to uncharted territories, filled with potential and new perspectives. Embracing these moments can turn life’s missteps into opportunities for growth and creativity.

The Silence of Loss in Life’s Symphony

Loss, like a rest in a musical score, brings a profound silence. It’s in these pauses that we feel the depth of life’s melody. Each loss teaches us something about value, about cherishing the moments and the music we still have. It’s a somber teacher, but one that enriches the composition of our lives.

The Rhythm We Can’t Control

Dancing in the rain wasn’t planned, but it was exhilarating. Life often throws us offbeat rhythms like this. We can’t control every aspect, but we can choose how to respond. These moments test our flexibility, our ability to find joy in the unexpected.

Time: Life’s Precious Tempo

On stage, every second counts, each moment is part of my show. Life is similar. Time is our most precious resource, a finite melody that we’re all part of. It’s about making each note count, living each moment to its fullest, creating a life that’s rich and full.

The Crescendos and Decrescendos of Happiness

Happiness isn’t constant; it’s a dynamic range of highs and lows. Like a symphony with its varying intensities, life too has its moments of peak joy and quiet contentment. Embracing this range gives our life depth and character, making the happy moments more poignant and the quiet ones more meaningful.

Eternal Self-Discovery

Every place I’ve performed, every audience I’ve encountered, has been a lesson in self-discovery. Like a melody that evolves, so do we. Each experience, each challenge, is a note that adds to the complexity and beauty of our personal journey, a journey that never stops growing and changing.